The Prince Albert Challenge Cup 2006: Finalists' Races

University of London 'A'Reading University 'B'3¼ L2.00!3.28!7.24
Imperial College, LondonQueen's University, Belfast¾ L2.003.227.00
Imperial College, LondonUniversity of Bristoleasily2.023.26!7.18!
University of London 'A'Magdalen & Exeter Colls., Oxf.easily2,033.287.21
University of London 'A'Goldie B.C.2½ L1.59!3.23!7.02!
Imperial College, LondonDurham Universityeasily1.59!=3.20!7.01!
Imperial College, LondonUniversity of London 'A'4¼ L2.003.247.03
* loser led for part! new record