The Thames Challenge Cup 2007: Wednesday am

Quals Wed 2 Thu Q-Finals Finals
Wed amThames RC Combined Services RC ¼ lgth 2.073.337.24
Wed amCincinnati Junior RC, USA Mortlake Anglian and Alpha BC 2¼ lgths 2.113.40* 7.48
Wed amCity of Oxford RC Nottingham RC 'B' 1¾ lgths 2.12* 3.42* 7.44
Wed amGreen Lake Crew, USA Kingston RC 1¾ lgths 2.083.377.34
Wed amMarlow RC Putney Town RC 3½ lgths 2.093.367.44
Wed amBelfast RC Vesta RC 'A' 1 lgth 2.043.317.22
Wed amLondon RC 'C' Worcester RC 1 lgth 2.093.387.39
Wed amLeander Club Derby RC easily
* loser led

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