Prince of Wales Challenge Cup: Final Rounds

ThuEton College and Royal Navy and Royal Marines ARAImperial College London1 L1.573.186.49
ThuSport Imperial BC and Reading UnivThe Tideway Scullers' School 'B'2 ¼ L1.573.166.45
ThuBexhill ARC and Eastbourne RCDer Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club, Germany2 ¾ L1.58*3.23*7.01
ThuAgecroft RC and Durham UnivThe Tideway Scullers' School 'C'1 ½ L1.573.176.59
ThuThe Tideway Scullers' School 'A'Univ of London2 ¼ L1.573.167.01
ThuLeander Club 'A'Reading Univ2 ¾ L1.54=3.11+6.38
ThuThe Tideway Scullers' School and Stowe SchoolUniv of London and The Tideway Scullers' School2/3 L1.59*3.21*6.55
ThuLeander Club 'B'Exeter RC and Plymouth ARC2/3 L1.563.146.41
FriLeander Club 'A'Bexhill ARC and Eastbourne RC2 ½ L1.54=3.10+6.52
FriLeander Club 'B'The Tideway Scullers' School and Stowe School¾ L1.573.166.55
FriAgecroft RC and Durham UnivSport Imperial BC and Reading Univ2ft1.55*3.12*6.31=
FriThe Tideway Scullers' School 'A'Eton College and Royal Navy and Royal Marines ARA½ L1.53+3.116.34
SatLeander Club 'A'Leander Club 'B'1 L1.53*=3.10=6.33
SatThe Tideway Scullers' School 'A'Agecroft RC and Durham Univ¾ L1.573.176.40
SunLeander Club 'A'The Tideway Scullers' School 'A'1 L1.53=3.10=6.30+
*Loser led+New record=Equals record

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