Prince Albert Challenge Cup 2012: Final Rounds

Qualifiers Wednesday
Day Rnd Winner Loser Verdict Bar Faw Fin
WedFBrown University, USAUniversity of Michigan, USA4 3/4 lgths2.173.528.11
WedHUniversity of London 'A'King's College, London4 3/4 lgths2.143.498.14
WedHImperial College LondonQueen's University, Belfast1 1/4 lgths2.153.468.07
WedHUniversity of WarwickEdinburgh University2 lgths2.193.558.21
WedHHarvard University, USADurham University 'A'Easily2.133.447.49
WedHUniversity of London 'B'St Hild & St Bede College, Durham1 3/4 lgths2.143.478.01
WedHNewcastle UniversityGoldie Boat Club4 1/4 lgths2.13.417.54
WedHUniversity of BirminghamDurham University 'B'2 lgths2.133.467.56
ThuQImperial College LondonUniversity of Warwick3/4 lgth2.093.417.52
ThuQNewcastle UniversityUniversity of London 'B'Easily2.133.468.03
ThuQHarvard University, USAUniversity of BirminghamEasily2.163.498.01
ThuQUniversity of London 'A'Brown University, USAEasily2.133.458.13
SatSUniversity of London 'A'Harvard University, USA1/2 lgth2.13.47.48
SatSNewcastle UniversityImperial College London2 1/4 lgths2.163.457.53
SunFUniversity of London 'A'Newcastle University3/4 lgth2.10*3.40*7.36
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